Satellite Internet
Xplornet High-Speed internet service, available almost everywhere.  No phone line needed.

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Sound + Peformance
Time to make your car look and sound the way you've always wanted.  Kenwood and Fusion car audio, wheels, intake systems and performance accessories, we can help.

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Technology is what we do.  From the latest in home electronics, to car audio and mobile video.  From computer systems and notebooks, to satellite high-speed service. 

Star Choice Satellite Television

Ditch the cable.  The dish has all the great channels you want, for less each month.  Nice features like the interactive program guide, 100% digital signal, and free move program are all included.

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NSpire Desktops, and Notebooks

We live in the digital age, you need to be connected.  We build our PC's in-store, to give you the latest technology for business, gaming, or internet.  Our NSpire desktops are serviced in-store, so no packing your PC and sending it to Timbuktu when problems arise. 

We also supply all the individual components from name-brands you trust, like Asus, Abit, AMD, ATI, BFGTech, Intel, MSI, Sapphire, Western Digital, and more.  So if your looking for a larger hard drive, or want to build your own system, we can help.

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Car Audio, Video and Navigation

People spend hours in their cars each day.  You should be able to enjoy your music on your way.  Add an Mp3 compatible CD player to cram 12 hours of music on one CD, or connect your iPod directly to the stereo to have days of music.  Leave your Bluetooth cell phone in your pocket and have the stereo automatically mute display who's calling, and use your car speakers to chat!

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