Satellite Internet
Xplornet High-Speed internet service, available almost everywhere.  No phone line needed.

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Sound + Performance
Time to make your car look and sound the way you've always wanted.  From Kenwood and Fusion car audio, to performance accessories, we can help.

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NSpirePC and Notebooks

One of the fastest changing markets currently, is the computer industry.  Although, a computer is not out-dated until it will not do the tasks you want it to do.  Even 5 or 10 year old systems can still be useful for basic internet and word processing tasks.   We carry our Reborn line of systems for the people who don't want to spend as much on a new system, or just don't need the capabilities of a new system.

NSpirePC Desktops

All of our NSpirePC's are hand-built, in-store to precise specifications.  We only use top-quality components to insure reliability for years.  Since they are built by us, we know the quality of components going into the systems, and we offer a hardware warranty on all of our NSpirePC's for 2 years.  Although, many of the components may carry a longer manufacturers warranty, unlike the big box guys.  Don't be forced to buy a factory built system from a shelf in a big box store.  From basic word processing, to hardcore gamers, or business servers, we can help you.  Not ready for Vista yet, we still offer Windows XP on all of our NSpire systems. 

Give us a call or send an email and we can prepare a quote and build YOUR system.


One of the leading notebook manufacturers, Acer builds some of the most reliable notebooks available.  They have an extensive line of models, many of them below $1000.  All Acer notebooks have onboard wireless with Acer's SignalUp technology for long range.  They feature Intel and AMD processors, and have widescreen CrystalBrite LCD's ranging from 14.1 to 20.1 inches.  All Acer notebooks come with a 1-year International Travelers Warranty, that you can extend up to 3-years.  Give us a call, and let us know what your looking for, and we can match one to your needs.  You can follow the link here to Acer Canada's website.

We also carry LG, Fujitsu, and MSI notebooks.  MSI has a standard 2-year warranty, and some models are available without an operating system, so you can install your own copy of Linux, or purchase a copy of Windows XP if you wish.

Reborn Systems

Already have an older system, and just want to upgrade it a little?  Or are you looking for a low-cost way to get a computer?  Reborn systems are off-lease business systems, from vendors like IBM, Compaq, HP and Dell.  These systems have many years of life left, but can't serve their business any more.  Complete systems including PC, keyboard, mouse and monitor starting under $250, almost anyone can afford a PC.  Give us a call, and we can match one up for you.

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