Satellite Internet
Xplornet High-Speed internet service, available almost everywhere.  No phone line needed.

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Time to make your car look and sound the way you've always wanted.  From Kenwood and Fusion car audio, to performance accessories, we can help.

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High-Speed internet, available almost everywhere.  Tired of the phone or cable company telling you "oh maybe next year"?  Xplornet is available now, and is fast and reliable.  

How It Works.

Xplornet is a 2-way satellite-based service.  It operates from the Canadian Anik F2 satellite and is transmitted via KA-band.  KA-band is relatively new for satellite transmissions, it operates at a higher frequency than KU-band (KU-Band is used by all current small dish TV systems).  The dish has both a receiver (LNB) and a transmitter, to send the signal back up to the satellite.  Since it uses a 2-way setup, there is NO connection to the phone line, your phone is always free.  Two coax cables run from the dish to the satellite modem.  The satellite modem converts the information to standard ethernet which can be connected to your PC or network.  The satellite modem appears to your PC as a standard cable modem, so it will work with all PC's and operating systems, including Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

How Fast Is It?

Xplornet is a high-speed service, many times faster than dial-up.  Download speeds range from 512kbps (or 40-60kBps) to 2Mbps (or 200-250kBps).  Upload speeds range from 128kbps (12-16kBps) to 512kbps (40-60kBps).  Say you wanted to download a 50MB file (with the size of Windows updates and virus scanner updates, that's not too unusual), on the average dial-up connection it would take between 8-9 hours.  On Xplornet's basic KaZam package, the same 50MB file would take approximately 25 minutes.  This gives you the capability to stream audio and video, and download what you want without tying up the phone all day, or purchasing a second phone line.  Because of the nature of satellite connections, most first-person internet games will not be playable.  This also includes PS2 and Xbox Live games.  Many role-playing games however will work fine via satellite.

What Does It Cost?

Due to the cost of transmitting via microwave to a satellite 22,000 miles in space, Xplornet is more expensive than cable or DSL.  The difference is that it will work were cable and DSL will not.  You should check first with Aliant or your local cable company to see if they can offer you service.  If they can not, you can give us a call or send us an email with your address and we can quote you on a system.  You can also visit the link below for the pricing information from Xplornet

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