Satellite Internet
Xplornet High-Speed internet service, available almost everywhere.  No phone line needed.

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Sound + Performance
Time to make your car look and sound the way you've always wanted.  From Kenwood and Fusion car audio, to performance accessories, we can help.

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Looking to get a little help?  Just check below for the product category your looking for.

Star Choice Satellite Television

Star Choice has a dedicated team of people only a phone call away.  They can assist with most problems over the phone.  In the case that they cannot resolve the problem, they can send us a service call or work order.  This is the benefit of Star Choice's Simple Satellite Warranty Program.  If you are out of Simple Satellite Warranty, give us a call or an email and we can try to assist you as well.

Star Choice Toll Free: 1-888-554-7827 (STAR) - 24/7

Our Crew Number: 7013

NSpire Desktops, and Acer Notebooks

All of our NSpire desktop PC's are serviced in-store.  If your having an issue, please call us or send us an email.  Acer notebooks are serviced directly from Acer, as part of their Worldwide Travellers Warranty.  Acer has industry leading technical support and repair services.  If you purchased your Acer notebook from us, you can bring it in, and we can handle the warranty for you.  Or you can call them directly, and they will have your notebook back to you in just a few days, good as new.

Acer Technical Support: 1-800-816-2237 - Website or Email

Car Audio and Performance Accessories

For most car audio or performance accessory questions, it's probably best to stop in or give us a call.  If you have a Kenwood product that is still under warranty, you can send it directly to the Kenwood Service Center.  You will need to include a copy of your receipt and a description of the problem in the box.  Most Kenwood products have a 1-year warranty, with the exception of the eXcelon, which carries a 2-year warranty.  Fusion handles their warranty directly through their dealers.  Stop in with a copy of your receipt, and we will have it sent in for you.

Kenwood Service Center

1585 Britannia Rd. East, Unit F-07

Mississauga, ON, L4W 2M4

Phone: (905) 564-3682  Fax: (905) 564-1706

Xplornet Satellite High-Speed Internet

If your having problems with your Xplornet Ku-band or Ka-band just give Xplornet a call.  They have 24/7 technical support.  Most times they can resolve issues over the phone, if not, they may need to get us out to have a look.

Xplornet 24/7 Support: 1-866-841-6001

Home Entertainment and Electronics

For Samsung DVD Players/Recorders, Home Theatre, CTV's up to 24", or camcorders, you can fill in a request online. Just select your product and enter your postal code.  Fill out the form and attach a copy of your receipt.  If you don't have a copy of your receipt in digital format, just send us your name, receipt number, date and product number, and we'll send a copy back of your receipt in PDF format.

For all other Samsung products, you can call Samsung support, or bring the product in to us.  Philips handles their warranties directly through their dealers, please bring your product in with a copy of your sales receipt.

Samsung Toll Free: 1-800-SAMSUNG (726-7864)

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