Satellite Internet
Xplornet High-Speed internet service, available almost everywhere.  No phone line needed.

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Sound + Peformance
Time to make your car look and sound the way you've always wanted.  From Kenwood and Fusion car audio, to performance accessories, we can help.

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Home Entertainment

Televisions, DVD Recorders, Home Theatre, High Definition, all part of a fast changing market.  We can help you find what your looking for in home electronics. 


Samsung is one of the largest home entertainment manufacturers in the world.  They consistently build highly rated, highly reliable products.  They are also the leader in DLP projection, and LCD flat panel technology.  

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One of the oldest electronics companies, Philips builds a range of LCD and Plasma flat panel televisions, and home audio products.  They are also the manufacturer of the Pronto remote control, the most intelligent remote ever made.

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DLP Projectors

Why not bring the movie theatre to your home?  This is what home theatre is all about.  DLP projectors let you have a brilliant, crisp high definition picture, on a large screen, with minimum complexity or cost.  We carry a range of projectors from leading manufacturers such as Acer, BenQ, and Infocus.

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